4 thoughts on “Margarides IIII 35X27. Vendido.(Sold)

  1. Hi Pep!
    Is this still available? We would like a piece to pair with the painting we bought at the markywhen we last saw you – is it the same size and framed in the same way?
    Kindest regards
    Tina 😊


    1. Hi Tina! Yes , is the same size and framed in the same way but, sorry Tina, I m not updated this one on my blog, is sold. Tina, I remember our conversation in Jalón. I want to buy flowers this week to paint. Nearly I will have new paintings.You will have news from me. My best regards for you and family.


      1. Thanks Pep, that’s a shame as I think it would have been a good pair. However, I look forward to hearing from you soon with new paintings!
        Kindest regards


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